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Outdoor Garden Hanging Metal Bird Feeder

Outdoor Garden Hanging Metal Bird Feeder

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Product information:
Material: plastic + metal
Specifications: green, gray, brown

1. Delicate Plastic Bird Feeders: Our bird feeders are made of high quality, corrosion resistant and durable plastic. Hanging bird feeders will attract the attention of birds. You can observe birds from a window, balcony or roof as they perch and eat seed food.
2. Unique deck design: Hexagonal bird feeding design, sloping roof, protect birds from sun and rain. Bird food racks allow birds to eat from all angles. After eating the seeds, more seed food will naturally fill the tray.
3. Large Bird Feeder - Large capacity wild bird feeder can hold 2.6 lbs of seeds. Various seeds can be used to attract birds, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, flower seeds, etc. to attract cardinals, tits, pigeons, magpies, bluebirds, warblers, starlings, etc.
4.Easy to install and clean: The cold proof bird feeder comes with a twist-lock cover, and the clear plastic body lets you know when to add oil to the seed food. So you just need to open the lid and fill in the seeds. In addition, the large opening and removable box are easy to clean.
5. Outdoor hanging bird feeder: The garden bird feeder is equipped with an assembled wire rope hook, which can be hung on the patio, garden, deck, backyard, corridor, etc., making your life more colorful.

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Bird feeder *1

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